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4 Ridiculous Video Game Rip Offs From Bollywood


4 Ridiculous Video Game Rip Offs From Bollywood

Watch Dogs

Bollywood has a long tradition of nabbing video game concepts, adding a few musical sequences, and tossing the product up on the silver screen. Watch Dogs is the latest victim of Indian cinema hijacking, with Terminate Terrorism having just hit theaters. The screenplay itself doesn’t follow much of the game’s plot, but darn if these posters don’t make your copyright senses tingle. With Watch Dogs making its debut on the big screen, it’s time to look back at the growing list of video games turned Indian blockbusters.



For example, did you know Nathan Drake once played India’s top spy in Ek Tha Tiger? It’s the classic love story. Indian spy falls in love with Pakistani spy/dancer, shoots things in the desert, then ends up either really happy or really dead. The only thing more original than the plot is the character design, which took more than a few pages out of Nathan’s style guide. If you’re going to do espionage Romeo and Juliet, you might as well raid Uncharted‘s wardrobe, because that stylish scarf is just the worldwide symbol for badassery.


Max Payne 3

Speaking of badassery, who said Max Payne 3 wouldn’t make a great MTV reality show? Not India, that’s who. Roadies 9: Everything or Nothing is your run-of-the-mill competition show, so why this trailer is so disturbing, and why Max Payne 3 was used as inspiration for promotional images, is a mystery even Indian Nathan Drake couldn’t solve. Not exactly a Bollywood production, Roadies 9 and its surprising video game usage is uncomfortable enough to count.


Assassin’s Creed

Of all ridiculous Indian knockoffs, Altair turned crime fighting Bollywood star might take the crown. This film combines all of the solemnity of being a hardened assassin with the wacky slapstick antics of the stooges. Actually, it is strangely painful to watch a dire assassin scratch his crotch between punches, or give bad guys a playful finger wag before stabbing them in the jugular.


But if for some reason you think assassination attempts are better with crotch-related comedic relief, check out the trailer below. There are even some awkward “synchronization” moments, where the star stands on something slightly elevated and waits for the camera to do a couple revolutions before getting back to his choreographed “fight” scenes.

So who do you think will be the next game character to get their big Indian break? Link as Bollywood’s next super cop? Master Chief starring in summer’s biggest romantic comedy?

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