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Aaron Paul Xbox Commercial Accidentally Controls Consoles


Aaron Paul Xbox Commercial Accidentally Controls Consoles

You know Aaron Paul’s latest Xbox One commercial, right? The one where he’s touting the Microsoft console by pretending to play Titanfall and yelling at a TV? Well the Breaking Bad star is such a badass he’s actually hijacking real world Xboxes. As he yells commands like “Xbox record that,” “Xbox go to Titanfall,” and “Xbox snap TV,” real life consoles are responding to the commands.  “Xbox on” is also setting off the built-in IR blaster, powering up Xboxes and shutting down TVs.

Turns out, people are getting more entertainment from these accidents than the commercial itself, particularly a few Reddit users:

“So Aaron Paul just turned on my Xbox… I’m not even mad” – Ajay_21

“turned on my Xbox and TV, started Titanfall, and recorded a clip. It also snapped the TV the 3rd time I watched it” – Skedoozy.

But, if you’d rather not Aaron Paul take your console for a ride, you can turn off the Kinect sensor to keep the console from listening to voice commands.


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