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6 Amazing Save Points in Video Games


6 Amazing Save Points in Video Games

As diverse as video games are nowadays, one characteristic that runs through them is the player’s ability to save data. Even in games built around permanent death and ‘one-and-done’ progression, there is still information stored for the next playthrough. Early attempts at saving on consoles were bold, but either flawed, complicated, or both (SEE: Zelda, Legend of). As games have evolved, so has the process of recording player data.

Two of the most popular methods nowadays exist on opposite ends of the spectrum. Autosaving is great in that you never need to worry about losing progress or having to replay large sections. On the other hand, when playing these types of games, you never really feel like you’re in control of your experience and the stakes never seem like they’re that high.

The flipside to this system is of course being able to save anywhere. This is a contribution from the PC gaming world, and it definitely is designed to give total control to the player. This method works best in massive open-world titles and allows you to choose your scene breaks and challenge depending on where and how often you save.

Upon realizing he hasn't saved his game in over two hours...

Upon realizing he hasn’t saved his game in over two hours…

The flaws with this system however are that you can easily fall into the trap of saving every minute or so to avoid having to repeat something if you get yourself killed. Alternatively, if you are only using one save file you can really screw yourself by saving right before getting killed or falling off a cliff.

So that brings me to the dying art of the Save Point. Some games these days still use them, but it seems like it’s becoming more of a rarity with the passage of time. What follows is a list of some of gaming’s more innovative, clever, and downright bold places to save your game.

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