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4 Most Visually Stunning Games this Generation (So Far)


4 Most Visually Stunning Games this Generation (So Far)

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More than ever, gamers everywhere seem to be clamoring over the importance of framerate and resolution of a game. This generation has only been alive for a mere eight months or so, but in that short life of its, it has produced several incredibly beautiful games. Here are the games from this generation thus far that will drop your jaw and take home this season’s title of Twinfinite’s Next Top Model.

Killzone Shadow Fall

The Killzone series has always looked pretty dark and bleak. Something happened with Killzone Shadow Fall, however, where Guerilla Games decided to take a turn with its art style. No longer were players to be trapped in war-torn and industrial environments. Instead we were given the chance to delve into forests and bright, colorful cities, among various other locales. The detail allotted in just about every aspect of the game’s visuals helps to propel Shadow Fall as one of the best looking games today. Run around maps and you’ll find such subtleties as plant life and cracks on the road that seem crafted from the hands of a Renaissance sculptor. Except, y’know, with guns and sci-fi.

Still, another great plus to the world of Killzone Shadow Fall is just how vast and expansive it is. Stand at any high point and you can see a beautiful, nearly endless world in front of you. Gander below you at the minutiae of the city or look high and take in the skyline. Any which way you look, Shadow Fall certainly has something for you to ogle at. At a beautiful 1080p, Shadow Fall‘s details all come to life. And though it may not run at 60 frames per second, a clever use of motion blur helps to hide some of its more jagged moments pretty well.

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