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World War Machine Is the First Square Enix Collective Game to Hit Crowdfunding


World War Machine Is the First Square Enix Collective Game to Hit Crowdfunding

World War Machine, an action-RPG PC game from indie developer Tuque Games, has started crowdfunding via Indiegogo. The goals of the campaign were set up through a partnership with the Square Enix Collective. It is a somewhat strange program that allows the Square Enix Community to vote on games they would like to see made and whether or not they would be willing to fund it. Over 90% of voters responded “yes” during the pilot stage that they would be willing to fund World War Machine should it reach crowdfunding. The game then receives “team assessment report” (read: endorsement) from the big name company to help out with their campaign.

As for the game itself, players pilot a highly customizable mech through a game that looks like “Diablo with mechs”. The game features “functions” (AKA spells), a tech tree of sorts, classes, and co-op; all of which are standard fare for any dungeon crawler action-RPG. What sets it apart is the level of control players have in customizing their keys. Players can assign their skills any which way that they want, even being able to program all their skills onto one button deadly button of doom. If a gameplay trailer is more your speed, check out the video below.

While the campaign is up and running, Tuque Games still has some work to do if they want to reach their $50,000 goal. As of this writing, World War Machine has raised $4,225 and has 36 days left to go on their campaign. If the campaign is successful, certain tiers of backers will receive prototype access right away. The alpha, beta, and official release dates are still currently unknown.

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