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Video Game Lullaby Album Now Available for Purchase


Video Game Lullaby Album Now Available for Purchase

While tastes have changed over the past 25 years about what constitutes a good video game, the music from them has largely endured. Thanks to bands such as Anamanaguchi (my daughter’s current favorite band) and events like Video Games Live, soundtracks to titles both old and new are reaching ever-expanding audiences. Now, thanks to the fine folks at Scarlet Moon Records, video game music is now accessible to even the tiniest fans.

Prescription for Sleep, released today and now available for download, is a collection of video game songs turned into lullabies performed by Norihiko Hibino and pianist AYAKI. They do piano and saxophone arrangements of popular video game tunes specifically to appeal to babies. It’s a wonderful idea because not only are these songs beautifully done, but it helps to foster a new generation of video game fans through music appreciation.

Tracks from games as varied as Super Mario 64 (Dire, Dire Docks), Chrono Cross (Singing Emotions), and Demon’s Souls (Maiden in Black) are featured, and they are all beautifully done. If you’re a new parent or someone looking for some soothing video game tunes, you really should check this out. You can pick up Prescription for Sleep at Loudr for whatever you’d like to pay.

Do it for the children…literally.

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