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Twinfinite Insider – The Death in Gaming and $500 Million Edition!


Twinfinite Insider – The Death in Gaming and $500 Million Edition!

[Welcome to Twinfinite Insider, your home for a summary of what went on this week at Twinfinite that you may have missed. We’ll be listing all the features we posted about, from Monday until Sunday.]

Something must have been in the office drinking water this week since this edition of Twinfinite Insider looks back on a pretty up and down week on the site that had multiple features on death juxtaposed against multiple features that took a look at the lighter side of the industry. Matt and Emily wrote about the death scenes scattered throughout Tomb Raider and examined if they were excessively gruesome or not. Zhiqing looked back at how dark Final Fantasy X actually was. My personal highlight of the week was Andres‘ investigative feature breaking down exactly why Destiny will cost $500 million. If you haven’t realized it by now, Andi will do whatever it takes to get you the news that developers don’t want you to know. Jessica wrapped up the week by thinking about why we all still get excited at Pokémon news.



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