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Twinfinite is Giving Away a Copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown!


Twinfinite is Giving Away a Copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown!

Do you enjoy long walks on the beach? How about romantic candlelit dinners by the moonlight? Well honey, you are in the wrong place.

The only thing we’ll be doing by the beach or by moonlight here is blasting the heads off some aliens. Don’t pretend you’re not into that kind of stuff, I’ve seen your internet search history. And after Godzilla this past weekend, who wouldn’t wanna blow up a bunch of weird, unidentified creatures threatening the world?

While I can’t promise you full-scale, live-action monsters or aliens, I can promise you a simulator for it all! To that end, this week we’re giving away a copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown! Blow up some aliens, shoot some guns, fire some lasers, y’know, the American Dream.

Now before we get in to the logistics of it all, I just wanted to send a big shout out and let everyone know that this week’s contest is coming to you by way of our friends over at CheapShark. For those of you who haven’t heard of them, CheapShark is an awesome site that compiles the price(s) for a game from different retailers all across the internet in order to help you buy the game for as cheaply as possible. I love it, and I know the rest of the staff uses it on a regular basis to make sure they’re getting the best deal on their games. They even look at other sites that you may not know about that sell games for way cheaper than you’d find them over at Steam, Amazon, GameStop, and others. Take a look, you’ll definitely be surprised with what you will find.

Now then: how do you win? Easy.

1. Subscribe to us on YouTube!
2. Be following us on Twitter!
3. Tweet out the following line verbatim: “There’s a coalition of XCOM alien hunters at @Twinfinite. Where do I sign up?! RT”

**Remember that a valid entry includes EVERYTHING wrapped within the quotation marks, including the link!

The game is redeemable for the North American version on PC only. The winner will be selected at random from all the valid entries. You can enter a maximum of five times per day to increase your chances of winning. That is, you can tweet that line out to us five times per day until the contest is over for a maximum of 35 entries. That said, the contest will remain open until Sunday, May 25th at 11:59pm EST.

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