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Fancasting the Assassin's Creed Movie


Fancasting the Assassin's Creed Movie

Video games don’t have a very good history when it comes to feature film adaptations. Most films never capture the magic or spirit of the games they’re adapting. They go for the big explosive action scenes and forsake the quiet character moments that made us fall in love with the respective franchise. Out of that notion, and the desire for some trivial escapism, I am going to give my opinion of what actors would be great fits for the characters in the inevitable adaptations of gaming’s favorite franchises.

With the film adaptation set for release in August 2015, Assassin’s Creed is the natural choice for the first installment in our fan casting series. Michael Fassbender and his production company are already tied to the film but no other details exist. As a personal fan of the series, my hope is that an Assassin’s Creed film doesn’t adapt the specific story of any of the games but adapts the series lore and universe. Give us a chance to visit historical periods that the games haven’t been to yet so that both game fans and movie goers can experience something new. But let’s assume they were adapting one of the games, say the first Assassin’s Creed, these are actors that could help bring the story to life:

Michael Fassbender – Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad/Desmond Miles


While it is pretty much a given that Fassbender will be playing the protagonist in the upcoming film, I believe that he could play the role of Altair very well. An Oscar-nominated actor of his quality can make Altair more than the brash and brooding figure he was in the first game and actually make him a sympathetic character. And of course, his experience with action movies means that he can do all the jumping and stabbing that comes with the assassin hood.

Sir Ben Kingsley – Al Mualim

Al Mualim

Kinglsey has shown over the years that he can play great dramatic roles and smaller comedic ones. With his work ranging from Ghandi, to Borat, to Iron Man 3, Kingsley isn’t afraid of taking on any type of film. He can take the story as it is without scoffing at the idea of a video game movie. Plus, any film with an actor who has been knighted is already that much more awesome.

Oscar Isaac – Malik A-Sayf


A talented up-and-coming actor, Oscar Isaac would be the perfect choice for Malik. Malik’s story in the game always felt like one of the stronger points of the narrative and Isaac has the acting ability to bring it to life. He might be a little busy filming a little movie called Star Wars: Episode VII, but you never know….

Rufus Sewell – Robert de Sable

Robert de Sable

One of the best parts of A Knight’s Tale, Sewell can inhabit the role of Robert de Sable and make him a more multifaceted character than he was in the game. He just has that look that you know he is up to no good.

Lucy Griffiths – Maria Thorpe

Maria Thorpe

A relatively young actress but still a breakout star of BBC’s Robin Hood, Griffiths can play Maria Thorpe for the strong woman that she is and not a helpless damsel in distress.

Jonathan Pryce – Dr. Warren Vidic

Warren Vidic

Known for his versatility, Pryce’s most well-known role is the bumbling Governor from Pirates of the Caribbean. Given his caliber of work on the stage in dramatic roles, a chance to play a villain would be a great opportunity to show audiences that he can do more just than comedic relief.

Kristen Bell – Lucy Stillman

Lucy Stillman


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