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5 Games That Need (More) Sequels


5 Games That Need (More) Sequels

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We’ve all got a mental list like this one, I think. When we look at our history with games, there’s always a few titles that stick out as desperately needing to give us more — be it a further continuation of a franchise, or simply a second chapter in the story presented by a stand-alone game. They’re always there, lingering in the backs of our minds as “what if” scenarios. You may have even plotted out ideas in your head or on paper as to where the sequels should go, or which characters’ further plots should carry beyond their existing canon. I’ve done it a lot, personally, and it’s something that I always hope for when I see mysterious projects in the works by certain publishers. Here, without further ado, are my top five games in dire need of expansion.

5. Okami


I first played Okami on the Wii around four years ago, and it consumed me at the time. Full of interesting characters, cool mythology, and phenomenal artwork, it was a fantastic play that hit high on a lot of the basics of what, for me, makes a great game. It was fun, it had a great control scheme, and it delivered a story that kept me engaged throughout. With the Wii U’s gamepad, I think a followup that gives us a story some years (or ages) later and gives the next incarnation of Amaterasu a run seems like a no-brainer to me. The far-superior input for brushstroke mechanics and vastly improved graphics capabilities over previous technology would only drive such a fantastic, immersive experience that I can hardly believe I haven’t already seen the rumor mill talking about the potential for a new entry in the wolf-goddess’ epic doings.

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