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5 Ways People Ruin All the Fun in Gaming


5 Ways People Ruin All the Fun in Gaming

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I’ve never been one to condone griefing in any type of gaming situation. Actually, that’s a lie – we were all 12 once, right? In any case, griefing can lead to a toxic environment and is something that I generally frown upon, but, for the sake of recognizing that this is something that does happen, here are 5 ways that players typically grief each other in no particular order. If you’ve got a younger sibling or someone you know that is generally gullible and is perhaps newer to the gaming community, showing them this post might just save them a lot of grief.

“I can trim your armor and make it look awesome! Just… hand it over.”

If you’ve ever played Runescape (or any other MMO for that matter), you’ve probably heard someone at some point talk about trimming your armor. This person is essentially promising you that your gear will look totally awesome and tricked out! And they’re probably telling you that they’ll accept payment after-the-fact. How nice of them, right? To do the armor trimming and then wait for payment after the job’s done? Oh, if only it were that easy. In a game like Runescape circa 2007 where this kind of thing wasn’t regulated, it wasn’t uncommon for things to be dropped on the floor to be picked up by other players. Particularly trusting players would drop their items and eagerly await them to be delivered with all of their trimmings. This was usually not the case, and the person would likely block the now-bamboozled player and make off with the armor.

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