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Tokyo Game Show 2014 Main Visual Revealed


Tokyo Game Show 2014 Main Visual Revealed

Every year TGS unveils their main visual, usually designed by illustrator Ippei Gyoubu (who has been desiging the visual since 2010), for their annual press show. Also with the visual is some sort of design philosophy that the show attempts to showcase in some form.

Sure enough Tokyo Game Show revealed their main visual for TGS 2014 illustrated by Gyoubu with the theme of “Change/Transformation”. It’s fitting once you see the visual (included below) which resembles the same robotic android girl only this time sporting butterfly wings. I like the design and colors primarily but these mascots have always been a bit to cyber-punk for my tastes.

I’ve included a statement from the illustrator himself:

“I created this year’s main visual by visualizing the “emergence”
based on the keyword “change/transformation” in the theme.
A caterpillar becomes a chrysalis, breaks down its body and
reconstructs itself to be born as a completely different creature.

In a gaming world, technological innovation has evolved in the last
10 years and now that we’ve passed through the revolutions such as
internet, social media and smartphone, I feel that we’ve come close
to the time of the birth of a completely new world with all those
revolutions blending well. I created this visual based on that feeling.

 This main visual expresses the ambiguity of whether the visual is a
reflection of the metal or not, it’s a flat graphic or not, it’s
stereoscopic or planar, and she’s a human or a robot.”

So? What do you think about this year’s visual for the press show? Good idea to focus on the transforming landscape of games with the next gen a year into its arrival?


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