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Sweezy Gunner Review – Weezy Sweezy


Sweezy Gunner Review – Weezy Sweezy

The difficulty in enjoying Sweezy Gunner, and in writing this review, is that there is nothing particularly special about the game.

Sweezy Gunner is a self-described “2D Shoot em up” which translates on a basic level to shooting every moving thing you see on the screen. The game drops onto a map with the faint idea that you are meant to destroy all the enemies before you. There is a hand-drawn animated scene at the beginning that has something to do with a man, a scantily armored woman, and a tank, but it doesn’t give you any true idea of the story which (which is questionable as it is, since most players don’t need a reason to shoot stuff).

The gameplay of Sweezy Gunner basically boils down to moving your gunner up and down the map while shooting at all of the surrounding enemies. That’s it. It can be entertaining in a mindless sort of manner, the same way watching hours of Jersey Shore can be entertaining (even if you don’t care to admit it). But mindless clicking can only go so far before it loses its fun. It is sufficient as a foundation, but the game needs to alter and build upon it in order to continue to stay entertaining. The game does have power-ups and upgrades, but none that have any significant impact on the gameplay.

Sweezy Gunner

Ultimately, the problem with Sweezy Gunner is that it fails to make a lasting impression on any level. It is not anything that hasn’t been done before and what it does, it doesn’t do spectacularly well. Sweezy Gunner needs to prove why it is worth playing and paying for at all. Windybeard Games seems more than capable at making a quality game, the hope is that they can create one that is worthwhile.

Final Verdict

[-Nothing truly unique][-Mindless clicking]

Good Review Score

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