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Superhot, The Time-Bending Indie Shooter, Goes To Kickstarter


Superhot, The Time-Bending Indie Shooter, Goes To Kickstarter

I wonder if I’ve ever kicked myself harder than how I did after I played Superhot. It is a shooter based around an idea so simple yet so brilliant that I am amazed no one had come up with it before. Like a game of chess with guns, Superhot is a first-person shooter from a Polish indie team based around a simple mechanic; time only moves when you do. It accelerates when you accelerate, and slows down when you slow down. Apply this concept to dodging bullets. If your brain can’t entirely work its mind around how that works (mine certainly couldn’t when it was described to me), just play this free tech demo released for the 7 Day First Person Shooter challenge.

See what I mean? That is innovation. Pure brilliance like nothing that has come through the genre in a long time. And now, to supply you with a full game based around the concept, the Superhot team has taken to Kickstarter to build a full version of Superhot to live up to the promise of that incredible demo.

Hyped in the Kickstarter post are improved graphics, a robust single player, more varied gameplay (samurai swords!?), and arena challenges none to dissimilar to horde modes. They are asking for 100,000 dollars. There is no reason for you to not back Superhot. In a world where we spend 500 million dollars on Destinyreal, honest-to-God innovation is possible for a fraction of the price and it can be done by you. Go forth and do good. Here is the Kickstarter.


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