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Supergiant Games' Transistor Gets a Launch Trailer


Supergiant Games' Transistor Gets a Launch Trailer

I’m going to minimize my commentary as much as I can here. Instead, I am simply asking you to bask in the glory of this final trailer for Transistor, the long-anticipated science fiction RPG followup to one of the greatest indie games of all time, Bastion. It follows the journey of Red, a singer who has lost her voice and, if this trailer has anything to say, could be about to lose a lot more. She has acquired the Transistor, a weapon of unknown origin (and is voiced by the incredible Logan Cunningham, the narrator from Bastion. It is his voice you hear over the trailer), and she sets out to kill her hunters before they kill her.

Things are bound to be more complicated than they seem, and I’m happy I know so little beyond this basic set-up; what made Bastion so special to me was that I knew nothing about it going in. I want to be surprised, shocked, and awed, and if the above trailer is any indication, I, and we, are about be satisfied.

Transistor comes out May 20th for PC and PS4.

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