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Super Time Force Release Date and Launch Trailer


Super Time Force Release Date and Launch Trailer

I remember first playing Capy Games’ Super Time Force years ago at PAX Prime. Sure, I was terrible at its difficult, challenging, oh so rewarding time travel meets Contra style gameplay but I always dreamed of returning to the title and getting my revenge. Sadly that was years ago and I would always lie in bed wondering when oh when could I redeem my embarrassing playthrough all those PAX’s ago.

Well the wait is over as Capy Games announced that Super Time Force will be traveling back in time from the distant future to launch May 14th on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. To celebrate is a new launch trailer that gives you a run down of all the jumping, shooting, and dying you’ll be doing.

So much dying.

No word yet on a PC release date but I can’t imagine it’ll be too far behind.

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