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A Story About My Uncle Has A New Gameplay Trailer


A Story About My Uncle Has A New Gameplay Trailer

A Story About My Uncle, the non-violent first-person platformer from Gone North Games recently got a new gameplay trailer.

The new trailer features the protagonist navigating their way across beautiful floating isles. The character is wearing some kind of energy grappling glove that allows them to pull themselves to nearby lands and floating blocks. The sense of speed and grace in the trailer is really enticing.

The concept looks really cool, and the game’s art-style is downright gorgeous. Navigating your way through icy caverns and starry skylines looks like a blast. The narration in the trailer gives off a Dear Esther vibe, and that’s a very good thing.

A Story About My Uncle is being published by Coffee Stain Studios, the same minds behind the Sanctum series, and Goat Simulator. The game is hitting Steam on May 28th.

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