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Squeenix Reveals Left 4 Dead Arcade Survivors


Squeenix Reveals Left 4 Dead Arcade Survivors

Just a few weeks ago we learned that Square Enix is collaborating with Valve on a new Left 4 Dead game. That’s the good news. The bad news is that to play it you’ll have to go to an arcade…in  Japan. There’s no word yet on when Left 4 Dead: Survivors will shamble into arcades. But just this morning we got our first look at its team of 4 playable survivors.

They include Japanese schoolgirl Haruka Hirose and a university student, Kudo Yusuke, both of whom had the bad luck of visiting the States when the outbreak hit. They are joined by Kirishima Sara, a tour guide who was on a school trip with Japanese students in the U.S. (presumably Haruka Hirose?), and a former Navy Seal working as a hotel bartender, Blake Jordan.

My favorite thing about the Left 4 Dead series has always been its rich characters, not to mention the encouraging thought that even wildly incompatible people with very little in common will band together during the zombie apocalypse. Honestly, I think this team of survivors is one of the strongest to date, second only to the original gang. But maybe I’m just pumped that there are two female characters (finally).

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