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Sony Releases Driveclub Explained | Faceoffs & Challenges


Sony Releases Driveclub Explained | Faceoffs & Challenges

This morning, Sony released a few videos that, quite literally explain Driveclub and some of its various features.

Within, they detail that every section of every track offers new opportunities to “claim fame and glory for your club.” They also note how Driveclub records just about every small little accomplishment and how they amount to your challenges. You can challenge friends to beat your records, whether they accept or not is all them, and the challenges can be under several varying circumstances, like crowd size, weather, or even type of car. They note that Driveclub isn’t just about winning first place, but about creating a whole new racing experience that is defined by so much more than just winning.

Check out the video. I’m really digging the art style.

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