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What’s Next for TSM’s TheOddOne After Stepping Down from Pro Play


What’s Next for TSM’s TheOddOne After Stepping Down from Pro Play

TSM TheOddOne, one of the most experienced professional League of Legends players, has decided to step down as Jungler for Team Solo Mid and become a coach for the team instead. The announcement followed TSM’s extremely successful performance in the North American LCS Spring Split. The team pulled out an inspiring 11 game win streak during the split, finishing 22-6 and in second place, right behind Cloud 9.


The upward trajectory of the unstoppable TSM rocket is partly contributed to the addition of TSM Bjergsen, their new(ish) Mid laner who replaced TSM’s current coach, Reginald. Hailing from the mid-centric European meta, Bjergsen gave NA mids a run for their money, crushing opponents with his jaw dropping LeBlanc and Zed plays. Seriously, the guy hops around the map like a bunny on crack.

So why this sad news after such a successful run, and even an MVP for Brian in week 3? TheOddOne shared with his fans that “With our current roster, we can definitely be top 2 in North America, but I want TSM to be the best team in the world. I know that I don’t have the best mechanics, but I want to help TSM succeed and I will continue to be there to support them.” It seems he’s taken a humble step down, allowing for a new jungler to help TSM on their journey to the top.


This had to be here.

Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider (say that 5 times fast) will be taking the role of Jungler for TSM. His time jungling for Copenhagen Wolves in Europe, along with a fresh lineup for the team, might bring TSM yet another EU stimulated win streak. With Amazing’s tight mechanics, flexible champion pool, and 4.1 average KDA for the Spring Split, he should be a good addition. But so help me URF, if TSM picks up two more EU players, I’m going to start calling them Team Solo ‘Murican (well, technically Turtle and OddOne are Canadian… but let’s not ruin my mnemonic).

TheOddOne will still be living in the madhouse TSM calls home, helping his teammates from behind the scenes and praying Dyrus doesn’t go accidental pyro again. OddOne and Regi will be captaining the team, preparing TSM to make a good run for World Championships. “OddOne is my friend and colleague, and I’m really sad to see him retire,” said Reginald of the decision. “He has been playing since Beta, and he is one of the first competitive League of Legends players.”

It’s a shame to see so many years of experience bow out of the roster, but the qualities that make TheOddOne’s departure so striking will make him a fantastic coach. We all hate seeing our seasoned players step out of the limelight and feeling like our favorite teams won’t be the same without them. Heck, I’m still recovering from LCS whiplash after Scarra’s retirement and subsequent return to Dignitas’ main roster. But pros grow older, move on, pull a HotshotGG, then finally start a new journey, passing wisdom to other players. In my dreams, though, LoL players never retire. Nobody ever leaves, and Reginald and Benny scamper around the Fields of Justice while the old EG sips tea in the corner.


And Turtle will just be there like this.

Maybe TheOddOne will be facing some heartbreaking nostalgia as well. In his retirement, he’s bound to start missing the old comforts of competitive jungling. Imagine him walking around the LCS studio, side-tackling unsuspecting watchers and yelling “GOOD GANK.” Maybe he’ll run around the TSM house flapping blue and red socks, pretending he’s collecting buffs, and keeping all of the blue ones away from Bjerg.


Good luck, Brian. You gave a lot to the League of Legends pro scene, and we can’t wait to see where you take TSM as a coach.

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