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Shining Resonance Reveals Its First Screenshots


Shining Resonance Reveals Its First Screenshots

This week’s issue of Famitsu revealed that the studio Media Vision is handling the development for Shining Resonance, and it is to be released for the PS3.


Thanks to the folks over at Gematsu, we were able to check out translations of the information for some of the characters listed below:

Character: Kirika Towa Alma

The girl who inherits the ancient song.

“I’m sorry, but I have no interest in humans. I only want to understand the heart of dragons.”

Class: Song Maiden
Weapon: Dragon Wing Bow
Main Magic: Sacred Magic

An elf who inherits the song of magic to manipulate the spirit power of mother nature. She is a better healer than a fighter. While she is not good at communicating with humans, she is a generally kind person.

Other Information

  • When you play music, it resonates with the dragon, allowing you to use a powerful technique.
  • When playing, you can hear the music.
  • Field and battles transition seamlessly.

Main Character: Kouryuu Ilban

The protagonist of the game is said to be an outright dragon and not merely someone who resembles a monster. Human allies can have him attack by way of a weapon that plays a melody known as the Dragonic * Vessel.

Character: *** Blanshe

A black-haired princess who’s also a magic knight, she has a strong-willed temperament even with respect to the protagonist.

Character: **** Bretthart

A red-haired young man who’s something of an older brother to the protagonist.

Character: **** Zalbard

A knight in the empire who goes after dragons, namely the protagonist.

Additional Information

  • Dragons will also show up as members of the opposition, with three of them being shown off in the magazine.
  • Battle parties consist of four characters.
  • Various effects can also occur beyond the previously-described interactions with dragons.
  • The music that’s played in battles and their corresponding effects can change depending on the party member designated as the “center character.”
  • Development is 5* percent complete.

In addition to that, Sega also released a few screenshots showing off the game’s aesthetics.




Not much else is known about the game except that the battle system will have some real-time elements incorporated into it. There is still no word on a Japanese release date at the time of writing.


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