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SCE Japan and From Software Working Together on 'Project Beast'


SCE Japan and From Software Working Together on 'Project Beast'

Well this is exciting. It seems Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Dark Souls developers, From Software, have been rumored to be collaborating on a secret PS4 project which just might have leaked.

Screenshots of the tentatively titled ‘Project Beast’ leaked on 4Chan today and was picked up by NeoGaf to make the rounds on the internet. The screenshots certainly depict a game that has a very Dark Souls like atmosphere to it, but whether it is the next entry into the series or a wholly new project remains to be seen.

Speculation is rampant with NeoGaf, Sony employee implying it may be a Demon’s Souls follow-up and that rumors and puns based around ‘beast’ has been dropped since as early as last year, even as going to say that “TGS will be a beast of a show”

These are still all rumors and any new project belonging to From Software, especially on a next-gen console, will gather speculation. My guess is we’ll wait until E3 for more details. The leaked screenshots can be seen in the gallery below.

Source: NeoGaf


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