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Red Dead Redemption Finally Getting PC Port?


Red Dead Redemption Finally Getting PC Port?

One gaping hole in the Rockstar Games PC catalogue is Red Dead Redemption. More than a few fans consider it to be the finest game they’ve made — high praise, indeed — so any news about it finally being ported to Windows is a big deal.

Well, it turns out this appeared on the Windows Compatibility Center website, used for determining how products work on different operating systems. At this point, there’s nothing else to go on beyond the appearance of Red Dead Redemption, so it could just be another ‘Red Dead Herring’ for all we know. Then again, Take Two Interactive is going to be holding its Q4 2014 Earnings Conference Call tomorrow at 4:30 PM EST, so there’s always hope.

P.S. Oh, and while you’re at it Rockstar…could you please get GTA V sorted out as well on PC?

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