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Race Around the World in the Story-Driven '80 Days'


Race Around the World in the Story-Driven '80 Days'

The studio that released Sorcery! last year, inkle, is launching 80 Days, a Jules Verne-inspired adventure game for the iPhone and iPad this summer. The player’s choices influence the story, weaving it on the fly by the same system behind Sorcery!.

The draw of the game is the story, written by author Meg Jayanth. The press release cites that the game has over ten thousand choices, a cast of hundreds, and more than 150 cities to explore. The game also allows you to see a live feed of other players around the world; you can see the routes they’ve taken and the discoveries they’ve made, which you could use in a later replay.

Touch devices have helped revive the adventure game/point-and-click genre, and successes like Device 6 show that mixing story with innovative gameplay can pay off. 80 Days sounds like it has a ton of replay value, not just because of the breadth of choices given, but because players will want to complete their journey in a shorter time. If the game is able to provide a compelling story and has enough intriguing gameplay elements to keep players interested, it’ll be a worthy addition to the App Store.

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