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PlayStation Now PS4 Beta Delayed


PlayStation Now PS4 Beta Delayed

The PlayStation Now Beta was set to launch yesterday (May 20th, 2014). As many invited users can tell you, however, that has not been the case.

Yesterday, invitations began rolling out, and users were only sent codes for the PS3 PlayStation Now app, even if they indicated wanting a PS4 invitation. Today, it seems Sony and PlayStation have told several users across Reddit that if they signed up and indicated a preference for the PS4 version, that they will be sent a new code within an official timeframe of two weeks. Here are two of such assurances.

PSNow Beta Delay 2
PSNow Beta Delay

Thankfully, it seems to be clear that PlayStation Now invitees will be gaining access to the beta despite this mishap, it’s really only a matter of time. Keep an eye out on your e-mail inboxes!

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