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Pixel Heart Is Creating a Movie, Game Jam, and Traveling Game Exhibit


Pixel Heart Is Creating a Movie, Game Jam, and Traveling Game Exhibit

Project Pixel Heart is a road-movie, game jam, and traveling video game exhibit wrapped into one, adorably titled project. The project will collect six game developers from six countries, and join them in an exploration of the realities of game development and the state of gaming in other countries. Pixel Heart will also be hosting a game jam in Paris, where 100 game developers will create 12 games. On top of it all, Project Heart is bringing the fun to you, with a traveling video game exhibit featuring the 12 game jam games, as well as masterclasses and workshops with the creators.

Pixel Heart is taking a video game odyssey, and wants to bring you along with them. With the haze of media surrounding the video game industry, it’s sometimes easy to forget the creative people behind every game, from AAA titles to small indie projects. Pixel Heart wants to clear that haze with a fun and interactive project that will span the globe.

“I imagined Pixel Heart to be an absolute adventure, as if it were a game,” said Co-Director and Author, Charles. “And as such, I kept the same ground rules: things must be interactive. That’s why Pixel Heart is so much more than just a film: you’ll get 12 playable games, a web documentary, and an interactive travelling exhibit!”

Pixel Heart

Pixel Heart dreams of bringing the world a perspective into real game development and what the gaming world is like in differing countries, but they need your help. Project Pixel Heart is currently crowdfunding on Ulule (basically a worldwide Kickstarter), and welcomes any and all support for this fun, global project.

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