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Phil Spencer Hints at Upcoming Microsoft Announcements


Phil Spencer Hints at Upcoming Microsoft Announcements

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, took to Twitter last night to answer some questions posed to him by followers.

One of particular interest to anyone following Microsoft’s E3 plans is:


This means that we could be expecting announcements in the near future from Microsoft about pretty much anything. They’ll likely keep the more hype-worthy information for the actual show, but we’ll still have something to look forward to before the actual conference.

Spencer went on to comment on why certain things were being announced early:

PhilSpencer2The early announcements will then allow for a more entertaining conference from Microsoft. Considering the flak they got for last year’s press conference, it’s a good consideration to take.

If you want to check out Microsoft’s E3 Conference, you’ll be able to do so on June 9th at 9 am PDT via a number of Microsoft platforms. More information on the E3 event can be found here.


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