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Petitioners Want To Keep Nintendo WFC Running


Petitioners Want To Keep Nintendo WFC Running

For those of you unaware, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for the Wii, DS, and DSiWare will be terminated on May 20. Online services for the 3DS and WiiU will remain unchanged.

A petition has surfaced on to urge Nintendo to reconsider the termination of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. As of writing, 346 signatures have been cultivated.

Services like the Netflix, Hulu, the Wii Shop Channel, and respective internet browsers, will maintain their functionality after May 20.

Whenever an online server is shut down, I always imagine the scene in A New Hope, when the Death Star destroys Alderaan. Maybe it’s not that dramatic or evil, but the gaming community is going to lose a beloved network in five days.

Gamers have been sharing their thoughts on the petition page.

Nintendo Petition 001

Nintendo Petition 003

Nintendo Petition 002

I’m a huge Mario Kart fan, and I’m going play as much Mario Kart Wii online as I can before the shutdown.

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