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Okay, Persona 4 Golden Also Getting an Anime


Okay, Persona 4 Golden Also Getting an Anime

Hmmm, okay why not?

If you are a fan of Atlus’ Japanese High School simulator Persona 4 then you know that the game went ahead and made a fairly well-received (depending on who you ask) anime adaptation from A-1 Pictures that covered the original storyline from the game.

Well, during an Atlus live stream titled “Dark Hour TV ~Persona Hour” where the company was promoting the second Persona 3 The Movie, they took the chance to also announce a new Persona 4 anime series based on Persona 4 Golden.

A trailer was just released showcasing the series that will start running this July, featuring Golden’s new character Marie. I can’t say the Vita port justifies a whole new anime series just for its one new character, but the trailer looks to be a higher animation quality from the same A-1 studios so maybe a prettier adaptation is in the works?

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