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Nintendo Re-Confirms Four Wii U Titles For 2014


Nintendo Re-Confirms Four Wii U Titles For 2014

In the midst of a lot of uncertainty, and questionable business decisions, one cannot blame Nintendo if they chose to do some switching around for their release schedule in 2014. Give some games more time, ensure the heavy hitters come up, you know the drill. However, Nintendo appears to be sticking pretty hard to their original gameplan, as today they reconfirmed four major WiiU titles for release in 2014.

Coming from a press briefing yesterday, Nintendo reiterated that Super Smash Bros., the untitled Monolith Software WiiU game (here to for only known as X), Bayonetta 2, and the Dynasty Warriors/Zelda crossover Hyrule Warriors will be coming to the WiiU this year. Few other specifics were given; the only one of those games with a solid release window is Smash Bros., to be released in Winter 2014. Perhaps most surprising is the inclusion of the unnamed game from Monolith, seeing as it has never been playable and has no official name.

Other titles, such as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, went unspoken of at the briefing.

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