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Next Call of Duty Revolving Around Private Military Companies


Next Call of Duty Revolving Around Private Military Companies

Today, a new teaser site for the next entry in the Call of Duty series went live. The website features several hints as to what the next game will entail. The most obvious one is the image of a broken feed obscuring what is most likely someone with a gun (what else would it be?). Aside from that though, I noticed some very small white squares amid the static-y image. I clicked one of them which took me to this article about the private military contractor industry, specifically before the private security services provider Blackwater rebranded. Some may remember Blackwater as the outsourced branch of the American army during the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

One can only speculate the exact setting and scenarios that will be present in the next Call of Duty game, but so far, this is a pretty obvious hint. The other white square links also lead to the Wikipedia page for private military companies and more. It’s far from subtle, but it’s something to get fans of the series thoroughly hyped. Here’s hoping it’s finally that Call of Duty/Nintendogs crossover we’ve all been waiting for, right?

We’ll be sure to update you with more information on the next Call of Duty once the countdown on the teaser page reaches 0 in 3 days.

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