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New Vivillon Pattern to Be Distributed after 100 Million Trades


New Vivillon Pattern to Be Distributed after 100 Million Trades

Hey Pokémon collectors this one is for you. The Pokémon Company has announced that they are closing in on 100 million Pokémon X and Y Global Terminal Station (GTS) trades. To celebrate the impressive milestone once it is reached, the Pokémon Company will distribute a “Fancy Pattern Vivillon” to players via some kind of distribution event. It isn’t clear how exactly how trainers will be able to pick theirs up, but smart money says it will most likely be through the Wi-Fi enabled Mystery Gift.

Vivillon, a new Pokémon released in X and Y, is very sought after but not for the reasons you would expect. Vivillon is nothing special in combat, but outside of battle it takes on different patterns depending on the real life earth region it was found. So people from all over the world put Vivillons up for trade through the GTS in hopes of collecting all of the possible patterns.

According to the Pokémon Company, the count currently is somewhere around 90 million trades. Once trainers hit the 100 million milestone, information on how to pick up your fancy pattern Vivillon should become available.

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