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A New Trailer and Poem about Full Bore for You


A New Trailer and Poem about Full Bore for You

Do you love poems? So do we. That’s why we were especially delighted to find exactly that in the latest press release for the upcoming roguelike-like 2-D platformer Full Bore. In addition to that, a new trailer was released to celebrate the debut of its Steam page. Truly a wonderful press release. Now, let’s just hope the game is as great.

With gameplay slightly reminiscent of Teslagrad and SteamWorld Dig, Full Bore sets players up as a boar maneuvering through a series of dungeon and mine-type levels. Resident writer Chris Hadlock reviewed the game after its initial release last year and found it to be a very nice gem. You can check out Full Bore for yourself in the trailer and when it releases on Steam on May 6th for $14.99.

And now the beautiful, aforementioned poem from the developers:

Pretend you’re a pig
Who just loves to dig.
Better yet, a boar
Who’d like nothing more
Than to frolic all day
With butterflies, but nay…
When you think all is fine,
You fall down a mine.
You’re lost, underground.
You daren’t make a sound.
You can feel someone’s eyes
Down there in the mines.
There’s much to discover
And gems to recover.
You must find your way out;
Of that, there’s no doubt.
On May 6 you can play
A game I would say
Is well worth your time;
It looks quite sublime.
A puzzle adventure
With an ungulate avenger.
On May 6, do a jig
And dig, pig, dig.

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