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New Hitman Game May Be Announced before E3


New Hitman Game May Be Announced before E3

Back in January, IO-Interactive wrote an open letter to all the fans of the Hitman series dropping hints about the next-gen Hitman game they’ve been working on. The game will focus on Agent 47 at the height of his career travelling the world and taking out targets with the help of his handler Diana Burnwood and the ICA. It is set to release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 and will run on the Glacier 2 engine. IO are making the game as open and non-linear as possible to try to create a living, breathing world.

Late last week, a member of the IO team posted this on the Hitman forums:

IO Interactive

With the amount of information in the open letter, it’s hard to see what else there is to reveal other than the potential name of the game and a release date. We’ll keep an eye out for the blogpost and let you know if anything develops.

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