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Real Life NBA2K14 Video Is Hilariously Accurate


Real Life NBA2K14 Video Is Hilariously Accurate

With every year, sports games are getting more and more realistic, especially with this year’s NBA2K14. It’s extraordinary how much research on players and development on sweaty men simulating technology is done in order to bring us the best indoor sports experience that basketball games have to offer. And as we sit at home, reveling in how closely our tv screens resemble the basketball hoops right outside, we sometimes forget all of the nuances that make the real deal stand apart.

Even though basketball games have come a long way, it turns out that when you act NBA2K14 out in real life, the result is pure comic accuracy. Check out the video, and see how ridiculous all of the wide shots, random intentional fouls, and attempted blocks look when done in real life.

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