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Nab Your Free Copy of the Classic ARMA: Cold War Assault on Steam


Nab Your Free Copy of the Classic ARMA: Cold War Assault on Steam

Generosity is abound, and Bohemia Interactive is offering free copies of the classic first-person shooter ARMA: Cold War Assault to anyone with a pulse and a Steam account. Originally released as Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, the game was since re-released in 2011 under the new ARMA title complete with all patched Game of the Year content. Back in 2001, it held its own very well, garnering quite a lot of praise for its realistic mechanics. In fact, they were deemed so realistic that the game’s technology was subsequently used in military simulators to practice real-life combat tactics.

People itching for a taste of the roots of the first-person military genre ought to certainly give ARMA: Cold War Assault a try. Especially, at the lovely price of nothing. You can snag your free copy of the game via the Steam page until May 19. Go get your assaulting on.

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