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Microsoft Has Applied for a New Phantom Dust Trademark


Microsoft Has Applied for a New Phantom Dust Trademark

While we were all going about our days yesterday, Microsoft silently applied for a new trademark registration in Europe, Phantom Dust.

Phantom Dust is a game that was released for the Original Xbox back in 2005. It was a card-based action/strategy game that was directed by Yukio Futatsugi, the man behind Panzer Dragoon. The original game boasts a strong cult-following.

Futatsugi has been open about his desire to make another Phantom Dust game. He told US Gamer that he had been happy about Kickstarter, and its impact on the industry.

“The reason why I looked into Kickstarter is because I wanted to Kickstart a Phantom Dust game,” Futatsugi told US Gamer.

It looks like Futatsugi won’t have to take to Kickstarter after all.

Last month, Microsoft announced they were looking for a “highly experienced games developer” to work on a new AAA title within an “established and well-loved strategy game franchise.” My gut tells me that Phantom Dust is that well-loved franchise.

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