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A Look at the Silent Terror of The Hum


A Look at the Silent Terror of The Hum

Aliens. Whether or not they’re real, they’re spooky as hell. The developers at Thotwise Games realize this and seek to exploit the concept of a nightmarish alien abduction with their upcoming stealth-horror game The Hum. On the subject of the title as well, I love it. I’m imagining a hum is what you would hear when aliens are near, not unlike the static imagery that appears when Slender Man begins approaching you in Slender. However, there’s something much more subtle and terrifying about a simple hum in the darkness. Sometimes the scariest things are the quietest, and The Hum seems to be serving up a hot plate of silent terror.

Using standard stealth mechanics to avoid confrontations with the aforementioned extra-terrestrials, The Hum goes beyond the standard hide-and-seek concept by incorporating elements of LSD: Dream Emulator, as you wake up every night with new memories, abilities, scenarios, and the like. While there’s a suitable amount of stealth-horror out on the market right now, The Hum is looking very ambitious and as elegant as it is terrifying.

Alien abduction is hardly ever covered in video games, so it’s a treat to see how The Hum turns out. When you think of the scariest things ever, the first things that come to peoples’ minds might be dolls, ghosts, or doll ghosts, but I’m so intrigued to see how the lovely people at Thotwise handle the otherworldly creatures and scenarios in the game once it’s completed. It’s an uncommon nightmare that I can’t wait to see explored, complete with some serious War of the Worlds vibes. The game is still in its development phase, but you can check out the concept art below. The Hum is currently set for release on PC and Mac platforms, complete with Oculus Rift support, so horror fans should definitely be on the lookout for this one.

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