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League of Legends Introduces Fantasy LCS Beta


League of Legends Introduces Fantasy LCS Beta

With the Spring Split behind us and the Summer Split soon to fill the gaping LCS hole in my life, Riot has started up Beta for Fantasy LCS. Get together with your friends, create a league, draft your teams with LCS players, and tune into the Summer LCS to see how your lineups perform. It’s like fantasy football leagues, for those of you who’ve gotten lost, found yourself on a gaming site instead of ESPN, and suddenly feel a burning intrigue for eSports.

You’ll build a dream team of players from North American and European LCS Leagues. In a real-time draft with your friends, you’ll pick a Top, Jungler, Mid, AD Carry, Support, some alternates, and a team (like TSM or Alliance). Points are based on the performance of your starting roster, including their kills, deaths, CS, streaks, etc.

You can find more details on draft and scoring in the How To Play section of the site. So go. Fulfill all of your indulgent Fantasy LCS dreams here. Personally, my team will have Scarra as mid… top, jungler, adc, and support. I don’t care if he’s coaching now…

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