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The Last Tinker: City of Colors Review – A Beautiful Journey


The Last Tinker: City of Colors Review – A Beautiful Journey

I’ve spoken before about how much I love it when an indie title not only delivers, but really shines; in fact, I said as much in my earlier preview of The Last Tinker: City of Colors. I mentioned then that I felt this brightly vivid little gem showed immense promise, and now that I’ve had the chance to get through the whole shebang, I’m able to exuberantly report that Mimimi Productions has squarely delivered on that promise. The Last Tinker is a wonderful, captivating game with a ton of variety in its gorgeous aesthetics and an inspiring message to tie it all together.

Since I covered the basics of mechanics in my preview, I won’t go into them here except to say that the final version really polished up the few little quirks I’d run into with the demo. Movement, combat, and everything else are fluid and easy to get the hang of. There’s a sense of immersive wonder to the whole experience that pulled me in to Tinkerworld, the land of creative imagination and innovation in which the game takes place, and it’s fully supported by detailed ethos, artwork, and a pervasive feeling of childlike wonder.

Tinkerworld's Great Windmill

Huge scenes, brightly colored in hues inspired by mission objectives, offer a ton of interesting and frankly gorgeous backdrops throughout Tinkerworld.

The story revolves around a young boy named Koru, a so-called Tinker (a concrete explanation of what this means isn’t really handed out) who lives in the title’s City of Colors. Once a great city where the various denizens lived in harmonious cooperation, Colortown has become a place divided into three violently separated districts. Each district is dominated by a single color, shared by the land itself and those dwelling within: the viciously angry Reds, the paranoid and skittish Greens, and the melancholy Blues, respectively. A threat known as the Bleakness is draining the color from the world, threatening all who live within, and Koru must travel the three districts in a quest to discover the root of this impending doom and put a stop to it.

Combat within a Bleakness-stricken area of Colortown.

Surrounded by Bleakness, Koru becomes a beacon of color in an otherwise whitewashed landscape of oppressive fear.

Along the way, a cast of characters with personalities as colorful as the land they inhabit fills out the story, including ancient Color Spirits that embody the purest form of their respective districts. Imbuing Koru with fantastical powers and guiding his journey to fight against the Bleakness. The message permeating The Last Tinker is one of unity and togetherness, embodied in the creatures inhabiting Colortown and in the details of the plot as it unfurls to a crescendo and a final confrontation against the very essence of the Bleakness.

Mushroom brothers unite!

These strange fungi are a core element of a number of puzzles throughout each district.

With a healthy mix of puzzles, combat, and story, The Last Tinker has a lot to offer, all delivered in a fantastic package that looks and feels organic and polished all at once. My son, an avid gamer, spent over an hour sitting by and watching the last portion of the story as I explained some of what he’d missed, raptly watching, asking questions, and wholly engrossed in the world and the game’s message. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the game, and at just under $20 on Steam (including 10% off until May 12), I’d easily recommend the title to anyone who enjoys classic platforming/action games from days gone by – the positive message and pure fun of it only add on to the value.

Final Breakdown

[+Gorgeous, colorful visuals][+Solid, easily controlled gameplay][+Uplifting story message][+Classic platformer elements, including collectibles][-Some clunkiness in certain areas] 

Superb Review Score

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