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LA Film Fest 2014 Introduces Let's Play Section


LA Film Fest 2014 Introduces Let's Play Section

The 2014 LA Film Fest will not only feature an array of cinema’s finest but also an “interactive section” featuring Let’s Plays. That’s right, not the actual video games. Rather, the Let’s Plays found on Youtube will be showcased. Here’s a list of them:

  • 140: Techno Buffalo – GAME DEVELOPER Jeppe Carlsen LET’S PLAY CREATOR Jon Rettinger
  • Happy Wheels: Captain Sparklez – GAME DEVELOPER Jim Bonacci LET’S PLAY CREATOR Jordan Maron
  • Illusion-Ghost Killer: Nilesy – GAME DEVELOPER Incrible Games LET’S PLAY CREATOR Liam J. Mackay
  • McPixel: Cupquake– GAME DEVELOPER Mikolaj “Sos” Kaminski LET’S PLAY CREATOR Tiffany Herrera
  • Mount Your Friends: Inside Gaming – GAME DEVELOPER Daniel Steger LET’S PLAY CREATORS James Willems, Bruce Greene, Adam Kovic
  • Proteus: Nerd Cubed – GAME DEVELOPERS Ed Key & David Kanaga LET’S PLAY CREATOR Daniel Hardcastle
  • Slender the Arrival: Game Society Pimps – GAME DEVELOPER Blue Isles Studios Inc. LET’S PLAY CREATOR Aaron Yonda
  • Stick it to the Man: Gadget Girl Kylie – GAME DEVELOPERS Zoink! Studios & Ripstone Games LET’S PLAY CREATOR Gadget Girl Kylie
  • The Stanley Parable: Toby Games – GAME DEVELOPER Davey Wreden LET’S PLAY CREATOR Toby Turner

I don’t how I feel about this. I suppose I would be more excited if it were the games themselves within the spotlight. Personally, I’ve yet to come across a Let’s Play that I could call “an art form.” Most that I’ve seen just boast a lot of screaming for the sake of comedy. But hey, tiny steps, right? If you’re in the LA area, it might be worth checking it all out, June 11th through the 19th.

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