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Interceptor to Drop a 'Bombshell' on PC and PS4


Interceptor to Drop a 'Bombshell' on PC and PS4

Danish developer Interceptor Entertainment just reveled their next project, Bombshellcoming to PC and Playstation 4 in 2015. The announcement trailer certainly sets the mood for the game, in which the mercenary for hire Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison sets off on a mission to rescue the president from an alien threat.

She certainly strikes a pose, with a half-shaved head and metal arm. No gameplay footage on the trailer, although the game’s site says it’s an “isometric action role-playing game”, and that the “host of genre-crossing mechanics” will blow players away. The combination of top-down shooting along with RPG mechanics is definitely interesting, and of course, a robotic arm that can turn into more than ten different weapons? On that alone I’m in.

Interceptor’s previous titles were the Rise of the Triad re-release, and the Duke Nukem II release on iOS. 

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