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Hyrule Warriors Now Has an Official Website


Hyrule Warriors Now Has an Official Website

It looks like the Hyrule Warriors updates keep coming as  the game’s official website has now been revealed. The page details some further information about some of the characters, story and in game areas.

Also revealed are some details about the game play. According to the main page, Hyrule Warriors will combine elements of both the Legend of Zelda series and Tecmo Koei’s Musou (Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors) series to create a “new world”. Some of these elements include the use of heart containers, items famous to the series and music and sound effects.

The new site boasts a lot of new high definition screenshots of Link and a new player character, Inpa, as well, in addition to baddies Shia, Valga and Wizro.

You can check out the site here.

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