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Hover: Revolt of Gamers Getting Its Own Wii U Version with Asymmetric Gameplay


Hover: Revolt of Gamers Getting Its Own Wii U Version with Asymmetric Gameplay

In a wonderful stroke of fate, Hover: Revolt of Gamers has more than surpassed its Kickstarter goal; it has dominated it. So much so that the stretch goal for a release on Wii U has been met as well. This also means that the Wii U version of Hover: Revolt of Gamers will receive some very interesting changes.

Firstly, on the PC, the graphical capabilities are much wider than any console’s, especially the Wii U and with the way Hover was designed. Hover features a dense open world to explore as you speed, jump, and dive through and over the cityscape with its wild hybrid gameplay containing elements of Mirror’s Edge and Jet Set Radio, both in first and third-person point of view.

As it goes, when local split-screen multiplayer is added into the mix, everything must be calculated twice, proving to be a significant technical challenge. To provide the ideal couch-play experience for the home console, some of the game’s elements will be optimized accordingly to best suit the new hardware. On the Kickstarter page, Midgar Studio refers to bringing asymetric gameplay to the Wii U, bypassing the technical limitations of split-screen, thanks to the GamePad.

This isn't gameplay, this is just some footage of me running around nbd.

This isn’t gameplay, this is just some footage of me actually running around nbd.

What is asymmetric gameplay again though? It’s basically the concept that two players will be sharing different experiences on the same console. It’s nothing new, but it’s also what the Wii U excels in. As a result, the development team is looking at the Wii U’s GamePad to offer new experiences for the console-specific version. Hover: Revolt of Gamers is the type of game that is perfect for asymmetric gameplay anyway with two people having their own full screen to explore with. It’s a match made in heaven.

Also, with the PC version specifically adapted to be compatible with the Oculus Rift, there might be some other changes to the Wii U version in how it controls. There’s no word yet on any specifics, but the team might look into employing some of the GamePad’s gyroscopic features to add a different experience. Regardless, on every other level, both versions are expected to be nearly identical, complete with the ability to switch in and out of multiplayer on a whim, a full cast of playable characters, a vast open world, fast and fluid gameplay, the ability to play in first-person or third-person with its own fluid character animations.

We wish the best of luck to the developers to make both versions of the game the best possible. Hover: Revolt of Gamers looks phenomenal and is sure to be an excellent addition to the PC, Mac, Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One libraries of games. There’s no word yet on any estimated release date, but you can tide the time over with a check out the Kickstarter page to see what the world is in for when the game is finally ready.

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