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The High Life Update For GTA Online Comes Next Week


The High Life Update For GTA Online Comes Next Week

The free content still comes pouring in for GTA Online, as the next update to the online mode for Grand Theft Auto V, The High Life Pack,  has been announced to arrive early next week, on May 13th.

From the Rockstar newsletter, The High Life Pack includes a host of features that have been asked for by players of GTA Online since the day of launch. Perhaps the biggest of the bunch of additions is the inclusion of multiple new high end apartments for players to lounge in, along with the ability to own two apartments at the same time, a sticking point for many players since many of them are running out of space to put their vehicles.

Also included are the high-powered Bullpup Rifle, multiple new clothing items and car customization options, 15 new Jobs (including 5 from Contacts), and five brand new cars, ranging from SUVs to motorbikes to sport and super cars. Along with those new cars is the ability to make your Race gametypes non-contact, meaning you won’t collide with other players (telephone poles are still fair game). Most exciting to me, however, is the new Mental State feature, which shows you just how likely your fellow gamers are to come in and randomly murder you, blow up your car, and take a small percentage of your shit for fun. That’s cool to me; I like developers taking player stats and turning them into real game mechanics. And it gives me statistical evidence to back up calling all of my friends madmen.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 now. Still waiting on those heists and next-gen versions, but this will do.

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