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GOG Spring Insomnia Sale Features Lightning-Fast Deals


GOG Spring Insomnia Sale Features Lightning-Fast Deals

Ever on the cutting edge of finding cool methods for saving you money, PC gaming site GOG is having their Spring Insomnia Sale, and you’d better move fast before your favorite game is all gone.

Here’s how it works. A game pops up on the page for a sale price, with the catch being that there are only a limited number of copies available. Once they’re gone, the next game pops up. It’s a cool idea and it definitely puts the pressure on for anyone looking for a particular title. It’s also interesting to see how mass interest applies to some of the games there. For example, when they ran this sale a few months ago, 500 copies of System Shock 2 went by in a flash, while the presence of Jack Keane 2 ground it to a halt because it turned out nobody wanted it. Hopefully the same slowdown won’t happen this time around.

You can check out GOG’s Spring Insomnia Sale here.

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