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Get GTA San Andreas Free Through Amazon


Get GTA San Andreas Free Through Amazon

Currently Amazon is running a number of sales through their android storefront. These deals can equate to a number of free apps if you play your cards straight and follow these instructions. There are a few steps so follow along.

First you’ll need to download these 5 titles to get 1,000 free coins:

If you don’t want these apps on your android phone or tablet, don’t install them. The games do not automatically install on your device if you purchase it through your PC. Now that you have 1,000 coins, spend it on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for the Kindle Fire. If you don’t have a Kindle Fire, worry not. Purchasing this will net you 2.000 coins (plus whatever was left over from the San Andreas purchase) that you can spend on whatever game or application you want. Personally I bought a trio of Kairosoft games and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for my Ouya. You can do as you like though.

To download your games and apps to your device, you will have to install the Amazon App Store application. If you feel a bit unsure about what these coins are, Amazon has a page where you can read up on how they work.

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