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Finally, Gameplay Footage for Sunset Overdrive


Finally, Gameplay Footage for Sunset Overdrive

Up until now, Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive has kind of been a mystery. Last year I reported on its E3 reveal, a stylish CG trailer with few concrete details (other than it being an Xbox One exclusive). Since then we’ve learned that it’s scheduled for release sometime this year, and that’s about it.

Is Sunset Overdrive a parkour/freerunner à la Mirror’s Edge? A multiplayer third-person zombie shooter not unlike Left 4 Dead? A hybrid of both, with the stylized aesthetic of Team Fortress 2 and the wacky weapons of Saints Row? All or none of the above?

Until recently, it was anyone’s guess. Thankfully, the “omnipotent voice” who narrates this recently released “first look” video provides some much-needed information about Insomniac’s latest franchise. You can check out the “first look” video above!

Set in 2027, a mutant outbreak has erupted in Sunset City, but it’s more irreverent than it sounds. As you traverse the apocalyptic city, you encounter other survivors, factions like the Bushido (samurai enthusiasts) and the Fargarths (Live Action Role-Players whose game suddenly became real), amongst others. And, true to Insomniac’s legacy, there are some weird, badass weapons.

Stay tuned in the coming months for more details regarding Sunset Overdrive.

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