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Final Fantasy Agito Features Showcased In Famitsu Videos


Final Fantasy Agito Features Showcased In Famitsu Videos

This may have slipped under the radar for most of us in the past week but Famitsu recently uploaded a few videos on their YouTube channel showing off some of the features in Square Enix’s upcoming mobile title, Final Fantasy Agito.

The videos show off the player’s dormitory as well as some character creation features.

Overall, Final Fantasy Agito looks rather well-polished for a mobile game and it looks like it could be a pretty solid JRPG experience for players who enjoy gaming on-the-go.

Final Fantasy Agito’s story is set in the universe of Final Fantasy Type-0 and features a turn-based combat system which will support both single-player and multiplayer exploration and combat. Aside from the typical Final Fantasy JRPG elements we’ve all come to know and love, there will also be social elements included in the game where you can befriend certain NPCs.

 Final Fantasy Agito will be released for mobile devices this month in Japan, though there is still no word from Square Enix on whether this title will be localised for Western audiences. From the looks of the Japan-only PSP title Final Fantasy Type-0, it doesn’t look like our chances of getting Agito are very high. But hey, Square Enix’s new business model seems to suggest that they believe they can make profit off of mobile games. So we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of a localisation just yet.

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