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Is Final Fantasy Agito Coming to E3?


Is Final Fantasy Agito Coming to E3?

Final Fantasy Type-0 was one of those games that Square Enix viewed as unprofitable in the west. That seemed to be a common theme for many high end JRPGs as sales in the west paled in comparison to what was happening in the Japan. With games like Bravely Default, we are beginning to see a transition of sorts. Square Enix passed up the production of the game in the west opting to allow Nintendo to take the reins. Surprisingly, Bravely Default proved very successful.

Now Square Enix has to look back at the western marketplace and ponder what to do with their Type-0’s mobile spinoff title Final Fantasy Agito. Rumors have been popping up since the game was trademarked back in December. However, you could speculate that it was just a place holder trademark. Well, Square Enix France has let loose their tongue a bit and hinted strongly that the game could be showing up at E3 Expo. Here is a screenshot in case anything disappears.

Square Enix

For those who don’t speak the French language, the thread starts off with a casual announcement of Agito’s Japanese release on May 15th by french fan site Final Fantasy World. The back and forth eventually leads to Square Enix France revealing that “It will be a part of some small surprises at E3.” This isn’t the first time Square Enix has hinted at the game’s localization. Agito’s producer Hajime Tabata told US Gamer in September that the game “will definitely be localized.”

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